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High Power In Nebraska

this WAS the ENGC's Offical High Power Rifle Program, near Omaha NE... go see

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Oklahoma City CMP Games

CMP Midwest Matches --- Oklahoma, April 11–15, 2012


It was an easy, less-than 8-hour drive from Omaha to just north of Oklahoma City for 5 of our finest CMP shooters (abet, one drove up from Texas) made to compete in the very first ever Midwest CMP Competition.  It was April, weather was typical, the range and facilities were excellent, and local and CMP staff outstanding.  But, there was extreme terror for some of us city folk.  Read on.


All the normal CMP “shoots” were held with no cancellations:  GSM (Garand, Springfield, Vintage, Matches), EIC LEG Match, Garand EIC Match, M1 Carbine Match, and Vintage Sniper Match.  There were excellent seminars and CMP armors did us a lot of favors bringing our weapons up-to-snuff.  All of us won at least one take home medal (or bought rifles), and Tom Holm earned the last LEG points needed to become “Distinguished.”  Local BBQ was outstanding, and we rented a house that was first-class saving a bunch of money as we packed lunches and had a great time cooking some really good dinners.  Ah, but here was the blivet – it was only 1.5 miles from the house to the range, but it was a road of deep, slippery, red-colored MUD, equal to Russia’s in 1812, Guadalcanal’s in 1942, and Italy’s Apennines in 1943.  One slip driving, and the car and contents would disappear for ever.  We traveled in convoys, cars routinely bottomed out, and at one point we had to wade through a stream by foot first to test if the cars could pass.  Every day, to and from the range – it was an interesting adventure.  Not a country road for old men -- a “war story” that will be told for years to come.