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High Power In Nebraska

the ENGC's Offical High Power Rifle Program, near Omaha NE...

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ENGC Vintage Sniper Rifle Program

ENGC will hold 2 trial, CMP Vintage Sniper Team Matches during the 2017 Shooting Season.  These will be patterned on the CMP matches and will adhere to the intent, spirit, rules, procedures and course of fire outlined as per Competition Rules for CMP Games Rifle and Pistol Matches, 4th Edition-2016, Section  6.0, pages 45 through 52.  (View online at:

DATES/TEAM ASSIGNMENTS:  Saturdays June 3rd and August 19th.  1:30 PM sign-in (after the Swiss Match) at 300 yd line on the 600 yd Range. Cost is $10.  Non-binding pre-registration at is encouraged.  Individuals not on a team may team-up at pre-registration.  Ensure your rifle has a 300 yd zero.

OVERVIEW:   This is a team match.  Two-person competitor teams will replicate the equipment and marksmanship skills of sniper teams operating in the world’s military forces prior to 1953.     Course of fire will be prone using provided sand bags or slings and fired from 300 and 600 yards, in a rapid timed sequence with pit scoring after each shot.  One team member will have the duties of the spotter while the other member shoots.  There will be a brief sight-in period, then the target will be exposed for 20 seconds for engagement then withdrawn for 20 seconds, then re-exposed for 20 seconds and re-engaged until a total of 10 rounds have been fired.  Then the team members will switch duties and the course will be fired again, and sequence will be repeated at 600 yards.  There will be minimal commands at the firing line, and timed-sequencing commands given in the target pits.  Therefore, for safety and competition control, it is imperative shooters have reviewed and understand CMP Rules paragraphs 6.1, 6.2,6.3,6.4, and 6.5.    

EQUIPMENT:  CMP rules are very specific as to rifle and scope (paragraph 6.2 and table 7).  There rules identify the original orreplica military sniper rifles with optical scopes dated 1953 or earlier that may be used.     As an ENGC exception only, since many shooters have military rifles that meet the 1953 or earlier requirement, but their scope does not, these shooters are welcome to compete, but in the NON-CMP Category.  Hearing and eye protection are required.  Spotting scopes, mats, etc. are recommended.  Thirty rounds minimum per shooter is recommended.    Please contact   or  with questions and clarification.

SHOOTING CATAGORIES):   Teams will be classified and compete within their classification as per CMP rules.  There will be an additional NON-CMP Category for rifles (semi-auto or manual) that do not have CMP authorized scopes. 

NEW SHOOTERS and OTHERS:  Familiarity with the safety, shooting, scoring and pit procedures for high-power is a requirement.  If a new shooter or team is unfamiliar with these skills, they will be paired with a veteran shooter and “shown the ropes.”  Non-shooters also welcome, and may be assigned as a scorer and/or pit puller for a team, and will be trained on the spot.   This is an outstanding opportunity to learn how target pits work, how this match progresses, the scoring system and much more.   

Pre-registration is highly recommended so we can team you up (   

Questions encouraged and warmly welcomed:  Bill Haire at haire5@cox.met (402..680.8195) or Lou Billones at (402..896.6744).