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High Power In Nebraska

this WAS the ENGC's Offical High Power Rifle Program, near Omaha NE... go see

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Swiss Rifle Schedule and Program:

Aufmerksamkeit Schenken!!!!:   
(Swiss Rifle News and Updates)

For 2018 - See the new web site:

The shooting sport we enjoy and practice at ENGC can trace its linage to the early days in Switzerland where citizens were issued a rifle, maintained it at home, and, when threatened, reported for duty with it to protect their Cantons.  The citizen kept the same rifle for most of their adult life, and qualified as a marksman with it each year.  The annual qualification was recognized and celebrated by the grateful community.

Today there are shooting clubs and associations around the world that ban together to honor this tradition and set qualification standards and receive impressive annual qualification medals.  At ENGC we are in close association with the primary Swiss Shooting Federation and a major Canadian Association for qualification standards.  We also welcome all shooters, can arrange for loaner rifles and ammunition, and provide instruction.  At the end of the season we have a greatly anticipated awards banquet attended by the shooters and their families.

April 2014 Swiss Rifle Match: